September 7, 2013

New Flag Dedicated

Ribbon Cutting

Crucial Renovations Completed!
Vital renovations to prevent irreparable harm to landmark completed on time and on budget.
"Wall-Breaking" Ceremony
Ceremony marks the beginning of renovations essential to the courthouse's preservation.
Phase II Of Vital Renovations Begin
A Public Emergency County Executive's declaration that the state of the Jackson County Truman Courthouse represents a "public emergency" frees up funding for renovation work to proceed.
Saving A Landmark
Learn more about all phases of the renovation effort to save the Jackson County Truman Courthouse.

Historic Site
Learn more about the history of the Jackson County Truman Courthouse.



Materials From Renovations Recycled

SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 -- What became of all the material hauled away during recently completed renovations to the Jackson County Truman Courthouse? If something could possibly be recycled, it was recycled. That ended up being just about everything.

Materials from the demolition phase of the Truman Courthouse renovations were recycled for other uses.

When the retaining wall surrounding the courthouse grounds was knocked down, Kidwell Construction, the project contractor, took away approximately 4,000 tons of concrete and bricks. Kidwell employs a rocker crusher, which processed the material as backfill for road beds and other future projects.

While some of the limestone stairs from the building's exterior were salvaged for reuse, others were removed and broken down into gravel-sized pieces. Trees and shrubs that were taken out were mulched for use as erosion control.

"Nothing wound up in a landfill," said Jackson County Engineer Earl Newill. "A lot of the time, you have to force contractors to recycle demolition materials. It was great working with a company committed to doing the right thing."

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