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Regional Correctional Center
Photos August 2009

The Jackson County Regional Correctional Center opened July 31, 2009. These photos were taken a few days later as the facility began operating. Faces of inmates have been electronically obscured.


Each floor of the Regional Correctional Center (RCC) is under the 24-hour supervision of the Jackson County Department of Corrections. The RCC is located in the Community Justice Building, which is connected to the County Detention Center via a secure underground walkway.

Male inmates occupy the third floor of the Community Justice Building, which underwent extensive renovations this summer on the third, fourth and fifth floors to accommodate the new RCC . The first floor of the Community Justice Building also underwent some renovations to create an entrance and visitation area for the RCC.

Male inmates do not have individual cells. Instead, they are housed in two pods, totaling 9,370 square feet on the third floor.

Female inmates are detained in a single pod (4,835 square feet) on the fourth floor.

Each floor of the RCC includes a medical treatment room. On the fifth floor of the Community Justice Building, 4,414 square feet has been allotted for inmate programs and inmate service providers. Among those programs is the Bridges Project, which assists inmates in the making the transition from the RCC back to life in the community.

The capacity of the RCC allows for 106 male and 48 female inmates. RCC inmates are processed on the ground floor of the Jackson County Detention Center, but are housed separately from the Detention Center's population.


Regional Correctional Center Opens
JULY 31, 2009 -- The new Jackson County Regional Correctional Center began receiving detainees from Kansas City today (July 31), marking the official opening of the new facility a day ahead of schedule. > MORE

Regional Correctional Center Fact Sheet



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