Look For Many Changes In '09;
Project On Schedule For '10 Finish

Arrowhead SuiteAUGUST 14, 2009 -- Fans heading out to the Kansas City Chiefs’ first preseason game against the Houston Texans on Saturday, August 15, will get a look at some of the extensive -- and exciting -- renovations well underway at Arrowhead Stadium.

The $400 million renovation of the 37-year-old stadium, which is owned by Jackson County and leased to the Chiefs, is nearly 70 percent complete. Ongoing construction work, which includes doubling the size of the concourses to relieve crowding, is being orchestrated so as not to get in the way of the 2009 football experience at Arrowhead.

Much work remains to be done, but the historic project is on target for completion in 2010 as planned, ensuring many more years of great football at Arrowhead.

What to expect:

The Jackson County Sports Complex Authority (www.jcsca.org), which oversees the operations of the Truman Sports Complex on behalf of taxpayers, is pleased to present this progress report on the Arrowhead renovation:

Fans will notice significant improvements as they approach the stadium this season. Fans will see a new glass and silver building façade wrapping Arrowhead, and will pass through vast new exterior plazas on the east and west end zone areas of the stadium. With the exception of landscaping improvements, these plaza areas will be complete before the first game --a full year ahead of the originally scheduled completion date. Similar to last season, active construction zones will be fenced along both the north and south sides of Arrowhead.

Wider ConcourseExtensive renovations on the Field Level Concourse are nearly complete. The concourses have been widened, and all restrooms and concession stands have been demolished and replaced with expanded modern facilities. Final installation of TV monitors and signage, along with final cleaning, are scheduled to be complete before the first game.

The Club Level Concourses have been widened and are now fully enclosed in an air conditioned and heated environment. These concourses will be used by fans during the 2009 season; however, due to ongoing construction in adjacent areas, the final interior wall, ceiling and floor treatments will not be installed until next spring. Suites planned to be completed for 2009 on this level are completed, and furniture has been installed. Contractors are applying final touches to new restrooms and concession stands on this level. Additional restrooms, concession stands and lounge areas scheduled for completion in 2010 remain under construction. Fans on this level will notice temporary walls securing these construction areas, similar to the barriers that were used during the 2008 season.

The Upper Level Concourses have been widened. Existing restrooms and concession stands on these levels have been renovated and additional facilities have been built. Additional concourse areas and new restrooms and concession stands on these levels remain under construction and will be complete for the 2010 season. Like the Club Level, these construction areas will be blocked off from stadium patrons, similar to the 2008 season.

ScoreboardNew high-resolution scoreboards have been installed in both end zones, along with state-of-the-art electronic messaging boards in the seating areas.

A new state-of-the-art sound system has been installed in the seating areas and all concourses.

New elevators and additional seating areas for persons with disabilities have been constructed, with additional elevators and seating areas becoming available for the 2010 season.

PressboxThe new Horizon Level/Press Box Tower is under construction and the super-structure was topped off on July 22, 2009, but it will not be completed for the 2009 season. The only portion of the Tower required to be ready for the upcoming season is the new field lighting on top of the structure, which has already been installed and tested.

The total cost of the renovation is $400 million. Of that amount, the Chiefs are funding $125 million, Jackson County is funding $212,500,000, and state tax credits provide $62,500,000. The Chiefs are responsible for any cost overruns in the stadium improvements.
In addition to contributing to basic improvements to the County-owned stadium, the Chiefs are paying for new and remodeled suites, upgraded office and administrative spaces, and an all-new K.C. Football Museum, which will be open in time for the 2010 season opener.

Chiefs 2009
Home Schedule

Aug. 15 - vs. Houston
Aug. 29 - vs. Seattle
Regular Season
Sept. 20 - vs. Oakland
Oct. 4 - vs. N.Y. Giants
Oct. 11 - vs. Dallas
Oct. 25 - vs. San Diego
Nov. 22 - vs. Pittsburgh
Dec. 6 - vs. Denver
Dec. 13 - vs. Buffalo
Dec. 20 - vs. Cleveland

Q & A

Why this renovation and why now?
Because the far-sighted original design of Arrowhead already offered unparalleled sight lines and a great game-day experience, Jackson County voters in 2006 opted to use a 3/8th cent sales tax to upgrade the stadium to contemporary, state-of-the-game condition. Bringing the 37-year-old facility up to par with modern NFL stadiums was much less expensive that building new. 

What will I experience that’s new and underway when I come to Arrowhead this year?
A great deal. For example, new scoreboards, electronic message boards and a new stadium sound system have been installed. Renovations on the Field Level, Club Level and Upper Level concourses are well underway. New restrooms and concession stands on all levels will be completed for the 2009 season. New high-definition television monitors have been installed in the concourses throughout Arrowhead.

What remains to be done?
Work continues in many areas, including the concourses. On the Club Level and Upper Concourse, fans will see temporary walls blocking off construction areas, as was done during the 2008 season. Once the renovation is completed, the improvements and additions at Arrowhead will include wider concourses on all levels, modern and expanded restrooms and concession areas, new entrance plazas and gates, more suites, the KC Chiefs Football Museum, and improved access for people with disabilities.

Will there be more restrooms – especially for women?
When the stadiums were designed in the 1960s, it was estimated that only 20 percent of the fans were women and the restrooms were sized accordingly. Today about 50 percent of the spectators are women, and we are taking this into account as part of the renovation.

When will all the work be completed?
All the work is scheduled to be completed well in time for the 2010 season.

Who owns and operates Arrowhead Stadium?
Jackson County owns Arrowhead and leases it to the Chiefs. The Jackson County Sports Complex Authority is overseeing the renovation of Arrowhead on behalf of the taxpayers. 


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