51,247 Online Transactions
During 2008 Tax Season

Where do my tax dollars go button?Spending a few minutes at a computer keyboard is becoming an increasingly popular way for Jackson County citizens to pay their tax bills. The 2008 tax season saw a record 51,247 parcels paid online at jacksongov.org.

The online tax season began October 13 and ran through the December 31 deadline for avoiding late fees and penalties. The online tax payment system closed at 7:00 p.m. December 31. That system has since reopened, but payments now paid online for 2008 or previous years will accrue penalties and interest pursuant to Missouri statutes.

Tax Season

Total Online Parcel Transactions*

Total Dollars
Paid Online*

2004 21,101 $17,575,074.79
2005 32,635 $30,700,000.01
2006 39,384 $36,728,881.56
2007 44,550 $41,650,352.97
2008 51,247 $51,080,373.32
* Includes transactions from the start of the tax season through December 31 of that year.

15% Increase

The 51,247 parcels paid online October 13 through December 31, which includes all types of accounts (business, real estate and personal property), represented $51.1 million in taxes paid.

Mailing payments in or making them in person at a Jackson County Collections office remained the two primary payment methods used during the tax season. However, more and more parcels are being paid online each year—up 15 percent in 2008 compared to the 44,550 paid online during the 2007 tax season. Jackson County made a concentrated effort to begin mailing tax statements October 14 of this year, more than two weeks earlier than in many previous years.

A Transaction Every 14.1 Seconds

During the final three days of 2008, the online tax payment application processed 17,186 parcel transactions, totaling more than $19.6 million. That figure represents a torrid pace of 256 transactions per hour—or one every 14.1 seconds—over the final 67 hours that the online system remained open prior to the 7:00 p.m. December 31 deadline.

Option Year-Round

The online tax system Jackson County currently utilizes first went live in 2006. Although online transactions were accepted during the 2004 and ’05 tax seasons, the County’s old Web payment application could not calculate interest and penalties for delinquent taxes. Therefore, the online tax payment option was only available during the tax season.

Now, with the system in place since 2006, back taxes can be paid online, with the Web application factoring interest and penalties into the transaction. Paying online is a year-round option. Among the 51,247 parcels paid October 13-December 31 some were for 2006 and 2007 back taxes. One citizen, for example, making payments for 2006 and 2007 delinquent taxes, as well as his or her 2008 taxes, would be counted as three parcel transactions.



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