New County Web Site Goes Live 

The "I Want To..." section of the new Web site has been created to assist you in finding what it is you need to do quicker and easier than before. Check out all the "I Want To..." options.

Most County Departments will now have a list of their own menu options on their "Main Page" as we've developed "mini-sites" for these Departments within the main jacksongov.org Web site.

Access to each individual department is available under "Goverment" and "Departments." If you're not sure which department you need, just click on "Departments" for brief description of each department.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2008  – Welcome to the new official Web site of Jackson County, Missouri.

We've designed this site with you, the visitor, in mind. Priority 1 has been and will continue to be making it easier for you to find the information you need.


Visit the "I Want To..." area for a whole host of options, from "I Want To Apply For A Marriage License" to "I Want To View Legislative Journals." We created this section of the new jacksongov.org to help you gather information and get done whatever it is you want to do online.

We'll be updating and adding new options to "I Want To..." regularly.

We also wanted to make it quicker for you to access our E-Services. So, why stand in line when you can get so much done online?


We've concentrated on giving you more information about each Jackson County Department, essentially developing "mini-sites within the main site" detailing what every department does and the services it provides or offers. The "Main Page" of most departments now includes a menu in the right column featuring links to the various pages on jacksongov.org related to that specific department.

Not sure which department you need? Just click on "Departments" under the Government main menu for an index that quickly highlights each department's role in serving the County's citizens.


 Use the "Quick Links" option on many pages -- and always on the jacksongov.org home page -- to go directly to the information you might need. Look for this "NEW!" symbol indicating new posts under "Quick Links" and elsewhere throughout the site.

We pledge to keep this site updated regularly, and you can always get the latest information about what is happening in Jackson County under "News & Events."

So, check back often for updates and new additions to your jacksongov.org.


Finally, this new site was designed and built entirely by Jackson County's "in-house" staff.


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