COMBAT Anti-Drug Billboards
Showing Impact in Community  

January 18, 2012 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – Since unveiling five new anti-drug billboards throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area, the Jackson County Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax (COMBAT) has seen a dramatic increase in traffic to the agency website,, and received positive feedback from the community.

The billboards were unveiled on December 28. Over the first seven days of the campaign, visits to the COMBAT website increased by over 260%. The number of visits to the COMBAT website increased over 350% when compared to the same seven-day period from the previous year.

“The dramatic increase in visits to the website show that this campaign has made a significant impact in a short amount of time,” said County Executive Mike Sanders. “It is clear that these billboards are driving discussion and dialogue throughout our community. There is great potential for this campaign as we continue to move forward.”

The billboards will be on display for six months, with two signs rotating to different locations each month.

The advertising campaign is a part of a commitment made by COMBAT to create awareness and educate residents about the dangers of drug use. The billboards each spotlight harmful side effects caused by drugs found on the streets of Jackson County. 

“The early results of this campaign show that the community is engaged in our anti-drug message,” said COMBAT Director Stacey Daniels-Young. “The billboards are driving people to our website so they can learn about the negative impact of drug abuse as well as the services that are available to help turn lives around.”