Jackson County Plays Role
in Big Muddy Clean-up

October 10, 2008 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – Jackson County helped clean up the Missouri River last weekend. The County’s Parks and Recreation Department contributed funds and volunteers to the Missouri River Relief Organization event held October 4 in La Benite Park in Sugar Creek. The clean-up was part of the Missouri River Relief’s ongoing seven-year effort (see www.riverrelief.org for more details) to enlist communities along the river to aid in clearing the waterway of pollution.

“Jackson County obviously has a connection to the Missouri River, dating back to Lewis and Clark,” Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders said. “Cleaning-up this river is of vital local and national interest.  After a visit to the area, I know the goals for this particular clean-up effort were ambitious but Jackson County has been an environmental leader and will continue to show respect for the environment that’s been entrusted to us.  We’re happy to share in the responsibility and to assist in this effort.”

A total of 413 volunteers turned out for the October 4 event, including 40 individuals navigating the 21 boats used in the clean-up effort.  The estimate of materials collected was 80 cubic yards of garbage, two to three tons of scrap/recyclables and more than 100 tires.

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