County Executive Supports Quick Action
Banning Stun Guns on County Property

January 24, 2007 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – Jackson County has taken quick action to protect public safety by banning “stun guns” or “tasers” from County courthouses and other public buildings, including the Truman Sports Complex and County parks. The County Legislature waived the rules on January 16, 2007, so that the new ordinance change would take effect immediately.

The County decided to take a closer look at the matter when a criminal defendant carried a stun gun into a Jackson County courtroom last December, after security guards mistook it for a cell phone. Deputies were later alerted to the stun gun in court and planned to arrest the man, until they realized he had broken no current law.

“Today we have closed a major loophole in the law that jeopardized public safety. I’m glad that we’re taking action on this before anyone can be injured by a stun gun in a county facility,” said County Executive, Mike Sanders. “Since stun guns and tasers are, by definition, capable of temporarily incapacitating, injuring, or killing a human being, they should be considered dangerous weapons under county law and therefore banned with stiff penalties attached.” 

The penalty for anyone caught with a stun gun or taser in County facilities is $1,000 and six months in jail. County law also bans a long list of other weapons from County property, including but not limited to: firearms, blackjacks, martial arts instruments, knuckles, knives, projectile weapons, gas guns, or any weapon capable of lethal use.