Getting a copy of your Property Deed
is easy and inexpensive in Jackson County

May 15, 2007 (KANSAS CITY, MO) - It has come to the attention of Jackson County officials that many Jackson County residents have been receiving letters from a private company offering to sell those residents a “Certified Copy of your Deed” to the property of the residents home.  The letter has an official tone and although they do state that they are not affiliated with any governmental agency, there is a strong implication of the necessity of homeowners to have a Certified Copy of their Deed in their possession.

Within the text of the letter the company refers to both the Jackson County Recorder and the U.S. Government Federal Citizen Information Center.  However, this private company is not associated with either of these governmental agencies.

Jackson County officials recommend that county residents go to to print a free copy of their Property Deed if one is needed.  If a Jackson County home owner has a need for a certified copy of a deed one can be obtained at the Jackson County Court House for a small fee ($2 for the first page, $1 for each additional page and $1 to certify the entire document). These prices are the maximum set by Missouri State Statute and cover the cost of Jackson County Copying Services. 

Jackson County residents can receive a copy of most recorded documents since 1968 online for free (NOT certified) and even these free copies will have “recording marks” on them including the instrument # and date of the transaction.  Jackson County (like most counties) maintains all Permanent Records for the Citizens of Jackson County.

For more info:

OR                   816.881.4482 Independence

OR                   816.881.3191 Kansas City