County Executive Mike Sanders announces
Assessment Review Commission

January 17, 2008 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders announced the members of a new Assessment Review Commission today.  Upon announcing the formation of the task force, Sanders said, “It is crucial that the process for assessing our most valuable asset, our family homes, be fair for everyone. Further, it is critical that we begin to examine new strategies to ensure that seniors and families are not forced from their homes due to rising property tax bills.  Therefore, I am announcing the creation of a bipartisan task force to examine the assessment and appraisal process for Jackson County property owners.  This task force is an important step in ensuring that the system of assessment will be fair for everyone in our community.”

The total assessed value of all Jackson County residential property in August 2007 was $5,671,354,710 and the total assessed value of all commercial property in the county was $4,368,389,589.  There are approximately 290,000 total property parcels in Jackson County.

Members of the Assessment Review Commission include: Fred C. Buckley III, Director of Missouri Government Affairs for the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City; Rafaela “Lali” Garcia, Neighborhood Activist; Kim L. Gladney, Pastor of Oak Grove MBC; Angelo Mancini, retired Executive Vice President of Bank Operations for Mercantile Bank; Molly Korth Williams, Attorney; and Ex-Officio Member Curtis Koons, Jackson County Director of Assessment.