2014 Individual Personal Property
Online Declaration


What do I need to begin?
You need to have your 2014 Jackson County Personal Property Declaration Form. This will provide you with your account number and your PIN, both of which are needed to file online.

How does the process work?
This process is very similar to what has been required of residents in years past, but is simpler and faster. You should be done in a matter of minutes. Instead of filling out and mailing in the form, you may fill out the form online, and submit it with a few simple keystrokes and mouse clicks. There is a HELP screen available on each page to answer any questions that may come up during the process.

How to assure the proper tax jurisdiction?
The County is requesting that you declare the proper Jackson County street address of the owner of this property, even though it may be the same as the mailing address. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is there anything else that I need to know?
You may use this online system – even if you wish to make no changes to your declaration. Also please note that once you fill out the form and click "Submit", you will not be allowed to make further changes online. Should you need to make further changes to your personal property account later, you will need to visit a courthouse location, and our staff will assist you. The information you have declared through this process is for the 2014 tax year. It will only be available on Tax Search after May 31, 2014.

Have you moved out of Jackson County?
If you moved out of Jackson County prior to Jan 01, 2014 Click Here

Have you moved into Jackson County?

a.) If you moved into Jackson County in 2013 and have already established an account with the Assessment Department, you should complete your electronic declaration using the PIN and account numbers provided on your 2014 Jackson County Personal Property Declaration Form and you will be billed in November 2014; Click below on “Click Here to Begin”.

b.) If you have moved into Jackson County and have not established an account with the Assessment Department, please contact the Assessment Department at 816-881-1330 to establish an account on the Jackson County tax roll.