Winter Preparedness

Road and Bridge Division is responsible for maintaining thplow2e roadways within unincorporated Jackson County, Missouri. Throughout the year, Road & Bridge follows a preventative maintenance schedule to prepare for the unpredictable Midwest weather. To prepare for the winter storms crews review the Snow and Ice Control Plan that is designed to provide emergency guidelines to maximize the efficient use of personnel, equipment and materials during a snow and ice event. Performing routine inspections and reviewing emergency plans reduces accidents and provides access for emergency vehicles.

During the summer months crews are clearing out storm drain outfalls throughout the counties 430 miles of unincorporated roads. Starting in September all trucks and sand spreaders are inspected. This is important to make sure crews are safe and have properly working equipment. Along with truck inspections crews start mixing the sand and salt. On average Road & Bridge has three to four tons of the mixture ready at a moment’s notice.

When a storm hits every truck is inspected before the plow leaves the garage. Crews are also responsible to check the equipment on their routes to make sure the plows are working. When crews are out Road and Bridge supervisors use the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system which helps in emergency events to locate the closest vehicle and dispatch it to the emergency location. The system also helps the crew supervisor know which roads still need to be plowed. The Road and Bridge crews work 24 hours a day during snow and other emergency events to ensure all unincorporated roads are safe for the citizens of Jackson County.