Animal Welfare Committee


The committee is charged with, among other things:

  • Promoting spay and neuter programs for household pets
  • Supporting educational programs that promote the welfare and safety of animals
  • Hearing complaints regarding abuse or cruelty to animals, when in the committee's opinion, such complaints have not been satisfactorily address by any applicable enforcement or animal welfare agency
  • Investigating charges of unethical treatment of animals.


  • Jackson County and the City of Independence form the committee.
  • The committee is comprised of five members serving two-year terms.
  • The Jackson County Executive appoints three members and Independence Mayor two members.
Members County or City Appointee
Appointed Term Expires
Cindy Marshall Jackson County June 15, 2015 Sept. 30, 2015
Jackson County
Linda Humphrey Jackson County Oct. 1, 2013 Sept. 30, 2015
Dr. Edward John City of Independence Oct. 1, 2013 Sept. 30, 2015
Tim Watkins City of Independence Oct. 1, 2013 Sept. 30, 2015