Development Services

  1. Bids, RFPs, & RFQs

    Jackson County has partnership with Public Purchase, a web-based e-Procurement service for posting and receiving Public Works-related bids.

  2. Development Codes & Manuals

    This is the place to be if you need information regarding a wide variety of county issues.

  3. Doing Business With the County

    Find resources for submitting bids, executing contracts, and doing other business with Jackson County.

  4. Economic Development

    From the vibrancy of Kansas City and the prosperous communities surrounding it to the natural beauty of our parks, Jackson County is the perfect place to grow a business and raise a family.

  5. Uniform Commercial Code

    The Uniform Commercial Code for the State of Missouri was substantially revised with the passage of Revised Article 9. The Code applies to all transactions which are intended to create a security interest in personal property or fixtures located in Missouri.

  6. Vendor Registration

    Become a Jackson County Vendor

  7. Zoning Applications & Permits

    Jackson County Public Works is responsible for all types of permits, code enforcement and applications. For your convenience, we have published a complete list of links to the various brochures, applications and permits that you may need.