Report a Problem

Please remember: Jackson County Public Works takes care of roads, bridges, sewers, signs, code enforcement, etc. for the unincorporated areas in which the County has possession and control. If you live in one of Jackson County's cities and want to report a problem or submit a maintenance request, please call the public works department for your city.
  1. Animal Control

    Jackson County contracts with Great Plains SPCA for animal control services, and it provides this service for the unincorporated parts of the county.

  2. Food Establishment Complaints

    If you wish to file a complaint about a food establishment, you must call the Environmental Health Division.

  3. Illegal Dumping

    Every day Public Works trucks in every county, in every city spend valuable work time picking up trash that is illegally dumped along roadsides and in parks. Please help us keep Jackson County beautiful.

  4. Nuisance Complaints

    If you live in the unincorporated part of Jackson County and have a complaint about weeds, junk cars, trash, sewage or other issues in your neighborhood, we can help you at the Jackson County Public Works Department.

  5. Road Maintenance Request

    Jackson County Public Works is responsible for the upkeep of those roads and bridges that are located in the unincorporated area of the County.