County Legislature

The County Legislature is responsible for all legislative duties in the County, including the introduction and enaction of all County resolutions. They are also responsible for the introduction and enaction of all County ordinances subject to the approval or veto of the County Executive. A veto by the Executive can be overridden by six votes of the Legislature.

Six County Legislators are elected from six local districts of similar size, each representing about 1/6 of the County’s constituents. Three County Legislators are elected from three "at-large" districts of similar size. Every citizen in Jackson County is there-by represented by two County Legislators. View the individual Legislator's page for more details, including contact information.

The County Legislature meets once a week, alternating between the Courthouse in Kansas City and the Eastern Jackson County Courthouse in Independence.
Scott Burnett
(1st District)
2017 Chairman
Crystal Williams
(2nd District At-Large)
Dan Tarwater
(4th District)
Alfred Jordan
(2nd District)
2017 Vice Chairman
Tony Miller
(3rd District At-Large)
Greg Grounds
(5th District)

Garry Baker
(1st District At-Large)

Dennis Waits
(3rd District)
Theresa Galvin
(6th District)