R.D. Mize Road Culvert Replacement

The project is located about 1/8 mile west of R.D. Mize Road and Stillhouse Road intersection in the eastern part of Unincorporated Jackson County. This project is the replacement of an existing narrow culvert in poor condition, so a replacement culvert will be installed that includes a new 72 inch diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), concrete head walls on both sides of the RCP, guardrail, and erosion control. The project is scheduled to be completed during the Summer 2013 while school is out to avoid conflicts with school bus traffic, weather dependent.

July 24, 2013
R. D. Mize Road is now open to traffic. The county had committed to having the road reopened in time for school buses. Guard rails still need to be installed, and there is also some seeding being done where the ground was disturbed.
Workers standing on top of new culvert on R.D. Mize Road.
July 2013
The culvert itself is now in place. Crews will start rebuilding the road July 15. 1st the opening will be filled with flowable fill, a self-compacting mix that will work its way through all the openings and crevices around the culvert. Once this bed is poured, the road itself will be completed and the sidewalls will be finished off.

The project is running a few days behind due to the discovery of a utility line during construction. The road will still be opened by the time school resumes.

June 2013

Workers have begun the process of clearing out trees and brush in preparation for bringing in the new culvert. Electronic message boards have been removed but the road will remain closed for construction until mid-July.


Christ Jenkins, Project Manager: 816-881-4429

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