Pension Plan Board of Trustees


To establish rules, and to interpret and administer Jackson County's pension plan.


  • An 11-member board established under the Jackson County pension plan.
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Nine members appointed by the County Executive, subject to the approval of the County Legislature:
    • One active member of the plan employed by the Circuit Court
    • One active member of the plan from the bargaining unit within the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney and with which the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney has a valid Memorandum of Understanding, whose initial term will be no more than 2 years and any and all subsequent terms for the initial appointee or his successor shall be for no more than 4 years of the term of the Memorandum of Understanding, whichever is less.
    • Two other active Members of the Plan, but not more than 1 from any 1 department.
    • Four independent business executives with special consideration to be given to those with investment experience.
    • One labor leader or union representative affiliated with a labor organization or union with which the Employer has a current Memorandum of Understanding.
Mary Lou Brown
Chief Administrative Officer
Patrick "Duke" A. Dujakovich
Labor - AFL - CIO
Dennis Dumovich
Member of Plan: Human Resources Director
Jeffrey Eisenbeis
Member of Plan: Circuit Court EE
B. Stephen Gillis Business Executive
Michael Martin
Independent Business Executive
Gary Panethiere
Member of Plan
Linda Steele
Member of Plan: Prosecutor's Office
W. Patrick Sterner
Independent Business Executive
Claire West-Scoville
Business Executive
Amiee Wenson Member of Plan