Media Relations
All media requests must be submitted to County Public Information Officer at 816-881-3449.
  1. Autopsy Report Request

    How do I request an autopsy report?

  2. Death Certificate

    Once the Medical Examiner portion of the death certificate is completed, the original is sent to the funeral home for finalization and then forwarded to the Bureau of Vital Records to be filed with the State of Missouri.

  3. Forms for Reporting Deaths

    View a list of forms that for law enforcement agencies, nursing homes and hospice agencies that are to assist in gathering information that needs to be reported to the Jackson County Medical Examiners Office when a death occurs.

  4. Organ & Tissue Donation

    What is the Medical Examiner's Office role in organ and tissue donation?

  5. Request Other Reports

    Find out the steps you will need to take in order to request case files, toxicology report, investigator's summary, and if the case is in litigation.