Current Projects

Data Updates & Collection
The GIS Department in on the tail-end of a massive data and architecture overhaul. A complete change of the workflow is occurring along with ensuring data is as accurate as possible. Some of the data being overhauled include parcels, plats, addresses, lots and tax code areas. Additionally, there are many map layers needed that are in the midst of being developed for business purposes.

Mobile GIS
The GIS Department is working with several departments to create mobile mapping applications for public consumption and for internal use for projects, such as asset management. Public Works and Parks and Recreation are well on their way to implementing mobile GIS as part of their daily workflow.

Web Maps
The GIS Department is working hard to bring the public and County departments more web mapping applications. Stay tuned to the Interactive Maps page for new maps and applications.

The GIS Department wants customers to be able to get the information they need when they need it. To accommodate this, the GIS Department is adding more information to their website and applications. For example, did you know you can download and print large-format maps from the Print a Map site?